Meet patients by video instead

Care Connect by KRY is a platform that enables healthcare professionals across the globe to see and treat their patients remotely by video. This initiative has been launched to help tackle the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

Free to use for all healthcare professionals.

Doctor and patient communicating through video
Video-conferencing that’s safe and secure
Fully encrypted video consultations from Europe's largest digital healthcare provider.
Your information is safe with us
Your phone number is never shared with a patient. Only you can start a call.
Works alongside your existing systems
Continue to administer patients as you usually do. We will not store any medical data or recordings from the consultations.
Care Connect by KRY is an initiative from Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider. KRY has delivered over 1.5 million patient consultations by video. KRY operates as Livi in France and the UK.

Change language

Care Connect by KRY can be used globally and is available in 11 languages.